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ChillerTron automated brewing temperature control system will remove the headache and costly errors due to temperature fluctuations.  Save time and money with the ChillerTron systems constant data monitoring available at your fingertips at all times. ChillerTron monitors your entire cooling system and not just for brewing temperature control!  ChillerTrons can be used with Wineries, Cideries, pharmaceutical industry and more.  Contact us with more info and find out how you can easily update your temperature control system to the 21st century.

4 – 12 tank user interface

Data logging and step process tracking

Perfect Fermentation Temperature Control

Control 64 or more tanks with one unit

Proportional valve control

(instead of solenoids)

using an adaptive PID control yields extremely stable fermentation temperature control which results in faster, more repeatable production

Remote Access

Remote Control and View through iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows

Continuous data logging

Logging and graphing of important brewing parameters for later analysis to support process improvement


Remote text messaging/emails for alarms

Yields peace of mind while you are away from the brewery that you will know if a major event threatens production

Dynamic Chiller Loading and Process Flow

Dynamic Chiller Loading manages the allocation of Chiller BTUs by priority among fermenters, crashing tanks, packaging/Brite tanks and Cold Liquor Tanks. ChillerTron automatically protects your active fermentation and adjusts down lower priority loads like a cold liquor tank or crashing fermenters to make sure you have plenty of chilling power where it needs the most.

Monitors your entire cooling system, not just your tanks.

Integrates with your chiller to monitor and display chiller parameters for glycol temperature, pressure and flow as well as issues alarms for abnormal conditions. Smart temperature control will turn off the control for any given tank if the coolant temperature is not more than 2 degrees lower than the present tank temperature in case of chiller failure. Remote messaging and/or email for alarms including: chiller low flow,  high temp, low pressure or power outage.

AutoCrash and Free Rise automate your post fermentation process

AutoCrash and Free Rise allow you to quickly and easily pick a date and time, a crash or rise temperature, and the number of hours for the process, and then automatically lowers or raises the setpoint every hour, stabilizing the load on the chiller, allowing diacetyl re-absorption, easily setting a dry hop temperature, and avoiding all the problems with trying to make sure someone remember to keep changing all the various set points every hour

Expandable to manage other aspects of brewery control and monitoring, and to more than 64 tanks

Ability to be quickly and easily expanded as new fermenters are added, and to monitor or control other equipment within the brewery such as bottling line temperatures, walk-in temperatures, hot or cold liquor tanks. Our standard expansion kits control four tanks each and can be daisy chained to run more than 64 tanks per base system.

Save money with reduced wiring, plumbing and maintenance costs

Compared to legacy panel meter and solenoid systems, ChillerTron has greatly reduced wiring requirements, with only two low voltage cables needed to run along the line of tanks. Because ChillerTron uses proportional valves, the main header sizing for coolant lines can be reduced over what would be required to support solenoids that open to full flow any time they are used. This saves installation material costs with less conduit and wires and smaller pipes, and saves on operation costs due to a reduced utility bill for circulating coolant. The metered action of the proportional valves also reduces the “water hammer” pressure effect compared to solenoids snapping open, thus extending the the life of your coolant delivery lines.

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